August's Little Letters | ehdreeahnah
Where I am according to Instagram. It's so strange that August is here... not only that, but we're eleven days in! If you've been following me on any social media, including my blog, you might have noticed that my posting is rather... odd. Not that I'm a super consistent updater across the board but... it's been weird, right? My circumstances have been pretty weird. Over the last two months I've been travelling across North America. According to my Instagram, I'm still in Canada. On my blog map, I think it shows Michigan. My Twitter is a bit more accurate but still, I'm all over the place. Not physically, but... you get it. I wanted to post about my trip in more-or-less chronological order but I also wanted to participate in this little linkup I stumbled upon! So here's my ode to the last month, in the form of little letters. If you would like more information, the linkup is hosted by Kristen of Taz + Belly and I'm excited to participate in it this month and (hopefully) make it a