´╗┐August 2016 Through Phone Photos | ehdreeahnah
August is over. That's actually a song title but it is something I've been moping about also. August was a bit of a crazy month, but also a really good one. Most of it was taken up by school and wrapping up the end of summer 2016 semester with exams and papers and everything in between. I got to spend a bit of time up at my family's trailer and then after school completed, I was able to spend ten days up there. I haven't been able to do that in YEARS. One of the prompts for my 365 Blog Topic Ideas challenge is, Life lately through your phone photos, so I figured that sharing the contents of my cameraroll for the month would be a good way to get some closure on the month of August and share it with you! At the beginning of every month, I get a new phone background from the Inkwell Press mailing list. I started out the year by Instagramming every one, but gave up around June. This is the start of my monthly routine. August 1st is Odaiba Memorial Day, which is a day celebrated within the