Anastasia The Musical: Summary & Review | ehdreeahnah
I was fortunate enough to be able to view the musical production of Anastasia twice, once as a dress rehearsal on May 12th and the opening night on May 13th. This blog post will discuss the production and what I thought about it from start to finish. This is based on those two performances from my personal perspective. With that said, this is not a spoiler free post. As a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with anyone related to the production nor am I writing this from the point of view of a reviewer or as someone with a background in theatre. I am writing this as a fan of the 1997 Don Bluth film and the history (and mystery) of Grand Duchess Anastasia. For some context preceding this post as well as the story of how I became a fan of Anastasia and the process of getting from my home in Vancouver, Canada to Hartford Stage, please check out my previous post: "My Journey To The Past… and Hartford, Connecticut". For the sake of clarity in this post, I'm going to refer to the show as