Nail Polish Declutter | ehdreeahnah
March 1st is, in my mind, the first day of spring and thus, time to start spring cleaning! For me this means getting back into my decluttering challenge which I started last year. Unfortunately, it soon got put on hold when my external hard drive died and all the content I had recorded (we're talking HOURS of video and hundreds of pictures for the declutter challenge alone) became inaccessible and unrecoverable. So instead of the hardcore marathon of Marie Kondo-ing that I had been doing, I hit that road block and then the debilitating monstrosity that is my "paper" category. But I'm getting back to it! In any case, I will try my best to share the lessons I've learned thus far and documenting the rest of the process as I continue. I was able to refilm my nail polish declutter, which in all honesty was the most fun to go through anyway. Enjoy! Also since filming this declutter, I may have accidentally acquired a couple new nail polish colours. Oops. The first two were ones I