Monthly Birthstone Manicures | ehdreeahnah
In 2017 I decided that instead of doing all serious, life-altering resolutions (like losing the weight or publishing the book) I would instead pick some goals, with a couple being more just for fun than anything else. One of these was to do birthstone manicures each month, meaning that for all twelve months of the year I would paint my nails in a colour based on that month's birthstone. While it was a fun way to give myself a goal that wasn't to be taken too seriously, it always turned out to be a way to use some nail polish colours I wouldn't necessarily reach for otherwise! As a side note, there are a couple months where there are multiple different birthstone options but I went with the ones from this birthday picture book I had when I was little. Because picture books are law. Also I wanted to use colours I already had (or was going to buy anyway) rather than purchasing new nail polish solely for this challenge. Therefore some aren't *perfect* matches for the birthstone it is meant