May Lipstick Challenge | ehdreeahnah
If you know me, you know I love a good challenge. Not like... some kind of adverse circumstance that I have to overcome (I mean, not that I don't welcome those too) but like a specified set of guidelines that I have to utilize to do something. Kind of like mini goals I set out for myself. Like, 30 Day Challenges on Tumblr, or that clothing challenge I did back in December, or even like how I decided I was going to paint my nails in the birthstone of each month and post them on Instagram. Stuff like that. I saw different variations of the "30 Day Lippie Challenge" around the internet, and I was intrigued. As we've already established, I like a good challenge. I also LOVE a good lipstick/ gloss/ crayon/ paint. But I suck at wearing them. And I really don't like the word "lippie". I don't know why, but there you have it. So I decided I would make my own version. Most of the ones I've seen essentially involve wearing a different lip product every day for a set number of days (usually