Life After Accutane: Did It Work? | ehdreeahnah
A little over nine months ago, I finished my nine month course of Accutane. The normal course of Accutane is generally six months long. I had to be on it a bit longer due to starting at a lower dose than I should have, due to worries about my mental health. You could say that after those long months I was rewarded with my own baby... better skin! Or is that too weird? I don't know. We'll go with it. Anyway, nine months off it after nine months on it. Strange. Nicely symmetrical. That calls for a blog post! If you had told me before March 2016 that I'd have clear skin by 2017 I would have laughed. Or cried. Possibly both. At the beginning of September I was getting ready to go to the Aritzia Warehouse Sale in downtown Vancouver. As a kind of refresher I watched back my vlog from the 2016 sale and found myself just staring at my own face on the screen. All I could think of was how sore my face was then and how uncomfortable I felt. At the time, I was wearing permanent rose tinted glasses