Five for a Fresh Face Mask (October 2016) | ehdreeahnah
I've been doing pretty lengthy "Empties" posts (which you can check out HERE). These have included the used up Lush pots that I save up in order to trade them in for a free face mask. Instead of hoarding them all to include with the Empties posts, I decided from here on out to share them separately. I'll still include the bottled and other non-black pot products from Lush in the regular Empties post, but I thought it would be fun to do little mini Lush specific Empties of five products and then the face mask that I trade them in for! I have tried all the Fresh Face Masks that Lush offers (at least up to this point) and wrote a post about them (with some awkward pictures of me testing them all out, of course) HERE. So here it is, my first instalment of "Five for a Fresh Face Mask"! 1. Don't Look At Me: This was the result of my last trade-in at Lush. It was my first choice (depending on what they have in stock, sometimes you need to have a plan B, C, or Plan ah... what the heck, I