Empties #2: Spring 2016 | ehdreeahnah
Since Summer is almost over, I guess it's time to post my Spring 2016 Empties! If you would like to check out my last empties post, it's available HERE. I doubled up a bit more on this post to make it a bit less photo heavy, so hopefully it's a bit easier to read. My biggest beauty discovery for 2016 was Franks Body Scrub. If you've read any of my skincare posts you'll know I love exfoliating/ scrubbing. I just feel so much cleaner and my skin feels amazing afterwards. I had been using Lush's Ocean Salt but for almost $40 I wasn't getting many uses out of the tub. I had been on the hunt for a perfect body scrub when I received Franks Original Coffee Scrub (the package with the pink label) for Christmas. I didn't start using it until February but holy cow is it a game changer. It is HELLA messy (my shower looks like I vanquished some sort of demon á la Charmed or Supernatural when I'm done) but it cleans off pretty easily. When I started Accutane a lot of the research I'd done said NO