Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2017 | ehdreeahnah
Last year was my first time braving the crowds at the infamous annual Aritzia Warehouse Sale. I went on the first day, early in the morning, and was super prepared. I walked away with a bag full of new things and a receipt that clearly showed the serious deals I found. You can check out that post HERE, if you wish :) This year was a bit different. Even though the sale was running from August 30th until September 4th, a couple days longer than the normal labour day weekend event, it had slipped slowly down my priority list. I definitely wanted to go, but I was experience a post holiday jet-lag of sorts and was just completely exhausted. There were other things I wanted to do (like the PNE!) and so Erica and I worked it out that we would go on the last day. If nothing else, it would be an experiment to compare to last year. I figured it would work one of two ways, either everything would be picked over and we'd find nothing or, since they restock every day and periodically throughout the