This Book Belongs To… A Pokémon? | ehdreeahnah
One of the first pages in the Wreck This Journal involves writing your name multiple different ways. "This Book Belongs To..." is a pretty straight forward page but I had this idea to create something a bit more unique. Since my Pokémon Go addiction is so real, and my Instagram colour theme fit perfectly... I decided to finally bring this idea into realization. The page starts off looking like this: →This book belongs to ∘ #wreckthisjournal #wreckthisjournaleverywhere #adriannasjournaljourney A photo posted by Adrianna Mary-Anne (@adriannamaryanne) on Jun 20, 2014 at 7:48pm PDT The smaller version is Wreck This Journal Everywhere, which I haven't started yet. The bigger version is the "before" of this page before I completed it. In my first WTJ, I actually just honestly messed up and wrote my name on the wrong lines (whoops) so I covered the page in scrapbook page and started over. This is actually the first page I used scrapbook paper to make my own makeshift pages in the journal