Get Creative: More Ways to Wreck This Journal | ehdreeahnah
Today's Prompt: Get creative! Sketch, paint, dance play music, whatever- then give us a glimpse. This prompt was one I was both excited and nervous about. When compared to some of the other 30 prompts, it was one I felt I could do and do well, but the uncertainty came with what to do. My blog tagline is 'creativity and lifestyle' but a large percentage of my posts fall into the latter category. For someone who wants to be known as a creative person - I wasn't doing much to show that. I had several options. I recently bought fabric to make some cushions for my bed- I could show myself making those. I found some cheap clipboards to make wall art with. I could decorate my planner. I finally bought the plain white mug I want to decorate. I could post more of my writing. Or I could do a Wreck This Journal page. (If you aren't familiar with Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal you can find my little WTJ hub HERE. There is a FAQ on the bottom left as well, if that helps you!) My biggest struggle