DIY: Customized Archie Comic Suitcase | ehdreeahnah
You know the saying "can't leave well enough alone"? Well, that pretty much sums me up... in a decorative sense. It has always been difficult for me to leave things as they are and it's a serious struggle not to customize almost everything in some way. Anything from binders, text books, shirts, or my computer monitor... it has all been Adrianna-ified. When I get an idea in my head, I'm always on the look out for something that will work with whatever creative plan I'm stuck on. One of the big items on that list was a wheelie carry-on suitcase. It came to me after a few trips to the airport and seeing people with the same boring monotone wheel-on luggage. Browns and blacks were everywhere with nothing but luggage tape or plastic labels on the handle to identify one suitcase from the next. Then there would be the occasional "fun" one, but I always got into my head... hey, I can do better than that. This combined with how people put stickers on their guitar cases and laptops but as I