Bad cop Bad cop band inetrview | Ecowildchild
Back in February 2016 I interviewed Bad Cop/ Bad Cop, an all female, badass punk rock band from California and asked them about their UK tour, how they met and what the future holds... Q. How did you all meet? How was the band formed? Jennie: We were all playing in bands in the same area. (you tend to meet and know other ladies in bands) Our original bass player, Jen Kirk-Carlson put Bad Cop together as an experiment and we all agreed it was a great idea that should keep going. Q. The past three years have been really busy for you! Did you ever imagine that after Stacey asked Fat Mike to come to Lilith Bear to watch you play he would turn up and you'd get signed to Fat Wreck? Jennie: Stacey had been working on Home Street Home with Mike for a few years, pretty much the entire time we'd been together as a band. We were always teasing her about sending him some of our music but she was too modest about it (haha). Finally that show came up and it was too fun to miss so she