Contixo F10 Drone | Drones Launch
Advance Flight Control System: Built in Wifi 2.4GHZ with FPV allows flying in live view from mobile app, 4 channel, 6-axis quadcopter drone with adjustable gyro sensitivity. NEW MAXIMUM FLIGHT DISTANCE! Travels up to 1000 feet. Longer flight time, enjoy more time flying with up to 15 minutes; Quick rechargeable battery, recharges in 1-2 hours. Battery 7.4V 1200mAh. Search ASIN "B01N97324S" to add the GoPro Hero4 accessory kit in your cart today! Perfect stunts: The Contixo quadcopter drone with 720p HD Wifi camera can do amazing 360-degree barrel rolls & stable midair hovering. Easy control adjustment for flying left, right, forward backward and sideways. Control the speed with 3 gears slow, medium and high. Headless Mode: Automatically adjust the takeoff forward direction of the F10 quadcopter drone with the headless feature. This enable easy learning and can be used on uneven ground.