Functional Range Conditioning Exercises for Dragon Boating - Dragon Boat MVP
Follow @physiostrengthnyc for more functional range conditioning exercises for dragon boating. Applying #FunctionalRangeConditioning principles to strengthen the set up position in the dragon boat stroke. One can have lots of flexibility, but being able to apply strength at the limits of that flexibility gives you true ownership over your body's available range of motion. And that is true mobility. Here I am demonstrating a way to help enable your body to apply appropriate tension in a position required of the sport. To do this, apply a downward isometric force from your body into the bar and transmit force into the ground. Hold for five seconds (don't hold your breath!), relax, hover over a small target into a slightly more rotated position and repeat. If paddling on the right, you should feel a strong response from your right QL muscle (right lower back). Seat height and "paddle" position may vary depending on your particular technique or dimensions of your vessel (OC, dragon boat, stand up paddleboard). Adjust as necessary and get comfortable in uncomfortable positions! #FRC #ControlYourself #FunctionalAnatomySeminars #FunctionalRangeConditioning #dragonboat #paddling #outrigger #OC1 #OC6 #SUP #standuppaddleboard #kettlebells #SFG #physicaltherapy #sportsrehab #ClinicalAthlete #TalisCrew #paddlesports #movementcultures