Don't Despair - Hammer Time Package
Two collectors of serial killer memorabilia meet in order to exchange a treasured piece of merchandise, but one of them has taken their dedication to their macabre master to unspeakable depths, and reveals a sinister plan to connect the two to their mentor through a horrifying recreation of his final “masterpiece.” A story of love, loss and obsession, Don't Despair is a haunting horror film and a deep look into the allure of evil. Download the full short film for FREE with coupon code HAMMER. (Available with Spanish Subtitles) REVIEWS: "Cleverly tense and delicately built" -The Scream Review "Psychologically disturbing, darkly tense, and wonderfully filmed" -Horror Cabin "Disturbing and Euphoric" -A Slice of Horror "The Best Of Indie Horror" -Carolyn Manson "Visually arresting, with amazing cinematography, fantastic set pieces and an artistic flair" -Bloody Whisper "Well made, dark and psychological" -Adam The Movie God "Considered and Methodical" -Love Horror "An Excellent example of what a creative mind can do" -UK Horror Scene "One of the best short films I have had the pleasure of seeing" -Gross Movie Reviews "Immediately Engaging" -Ginger Nuts of Horror "Shot beautifully, boasting three solid performances... Don't Despair is much more than the sum of its parts" -Wicked Horror