Who is Venture? | Venture
Our Mission: To engage those far from God with the Gospel to know and follow Christ. Dare to Do Something At Venture we believe the church is not a community organization for Christians, but a movement to change the world! We do this in two ways: Reach Unchurched Generations Venture is deeply committed to reaching GenX and the ones after it. We don't turn any age group away but do structure everything about this ministry to offer the best possible uninhibited chance of reaching the most unchurched generations in America. Revitalize Communities We are so committed to the cause of restoring hope that we relocated from a debt free building in North Gaston County to a struggling neighborhood in Southeast Dallas. Jesus focused a tremendous amount of time on ministering to the poor. We believe the church should do the same. To accomplish this we have adopted the southeast corner of Dallas, NC as our mission field.