A riveting strategy game for children above the age of 11. This game aims to familiarize kids with the dangerous side of the internet and the people who use it. It identifies defenses, tells kids what could put them at risk and highlights the importance of involving a trusted adult – All through play! eTrapped draws parallels with the real world on many levels. • It makes kids aware of people who misuse the internet by using them as characters in the game • It shows children what their best defenses are when they're online • It shows them what kind of actions leave defenses vulnerable and put them at risk • Most importantly it gives a lot of power to the Guardian defender character which encourages children to talk to an adult they trust, such as a parent, if they feel unsafe or insecure • It is a pure strategy game that has the ability to engage older children above the age of 11. CYBER SAFETY CYBER AWARENESS DOs AND DON'Ts LEARN HOW TO PLAY → .PDF Instructions BUY NOW!