Ace Reid & The Cowpokes Cartoons
Ace Reid & The Cowpokes Cartoons brings to life folks across the West know, a cowpoke named Jake. A good hearted kinda guy, he's always up to his eyebrows in debt, or drought, or mud, or looking for them dad-blamed ole wild cows. He tries to stay one step ahead of Banker Tuffernal, keep Maw happy, and all the while working hard on the ranch and having some fun with Zeb and his cowpoke buddies. He is, in fact, so real a fella that it's hard to believe that Ace Reid made him up! This book brings together 139 of Ace Reid's popular Cowpokes Cartoons, reproduced in large format to show the artistry and attention to detail that characterized Reid's work. Grouped around themes such as work, weather, bankers, and friends, they reveal the distinctive "you might as well laugh as cry" sense of humor that ranch folks draw on to get through hard work and hard times. Introduction by Elmer Kelton, "One of the best of a new breed of Western writers who have driven the genre into new territory." - The New York Times. Forward by Pat Oliphant, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1967.