The Amazing Castelo dos Mouros (The Moorish Castle) in Sintra, Portugal | Casual Travelers
First word of advice - if you want to visit Castelo dos Mouros (The Moorish Castle) in Sintra, Portugal - get there BEFORE the parks open at 9am (10 am in the wintertime) if you can, because right at 9am the cars and busloads of tourists start pouring in, and soon every spot along the road winding toward the castle and down into the city will be taken. Second piece of advice - if you also want to go to the Park and National Palace of Pena (Parque e Palacio Nacional de Pena) - wear comfortable shoes with good, non-slip soles, because that will be a LOT of walking. And last but not least - bring a jacket or a sweater, because even if it's the middle of the summer and hot down below, it might be colder and windy up on the mountain. It was when we were there in July 2014. Estrada de Pena and Calçada de Pena winding their way between two castles; screen shot from Google Maps Both the Moorish Castle and the neighboring Palace of Pena are high up on the mountaintops of Serra the Sintra