Learning more about Pablo Gargallo’s Great Prophet | Casual Travelers
I admit, I'm not an art buff. We went to the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, because I wanted to show the kids the Guernica (they were not impressed). But a few rooms over I noticed a really striking sculpture. Except I failed to write down the title or the name of the artist, whom I never heard of before. Luckily, thanks to #AskACurator day on Twitter, I now know that it is a sculpture by Pablo Gargallo, titled Grand prophète (Great Prophet). I did a bit of Googling about Gargallo, and apparently Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is not the only one who has this sculpture. There is a large version of it at an art park in Antwerp, Belgium, called the Middleheim Museum. The featured image at the top of this post was taken by a photographer going by the name of Zoagli on Flickr. You can see on the right another photo by Zoagli showing the full sculpture. Photographer Philippe Rose posted several very striking photographs of the sculpture in Middleheim to his blog