The Monkeys of Gibraltar | Casual Travelers
The monkeys of Gibraltar are famous for their openness to human interaction and for their unique status as the only population of wild monkeys in Europe. Descended from monkeys in North Africa, they are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gibraltar. The territory of Gibraltar is just 2.3 square miles. It is located at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula and thus borders Spain, while Morocco lies across the Straits of Gibraltar. The straits separate the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and have played an important role in world history. The territory of Gibraltar has been ruled by Britain since the early 1700s and is considered an overseas territory. Most of the Barbary Macaques live in a nature reserve located in the north, where over two hundred of the monkeys live. The Upper Rock area is the best place to see the monkeys. You can take a cable car to Upper Rock in order to go visit them as well as some of Gibraltar's many caves, also located in the reserve. Although the