Shark Eggs and Sea Dragons or #TravelSchooling at SeaWorld | Casual Travelers
Sure, SeaWorld is an amusement park. What with all the rides, performances, and all that, you can't' call it anything else. However, SeaWorld is also an amazing place for kids to learn quite a bit about marine animals, and see for the first time some animals they might have never even heard of before. Manta Aquarium When my daughter and I entered SeaWorld on a warm and sunny day last November, instead of going on a roller coaster, we ended up spending quite a bit of time in the Manta Aquarium, which is very close to the entrance, as you can see in this map of SeaWorld. First there was the large tank with school of fish, rays, and sharks swimming around that kept my daughter mesmerized for quite a while. We knew from the labels placed that the area includes Leopard Stingrays and the Cownose Stingrays, and we learned how to distinguish them. (Leopard Stingrays have somewhat pointy noses and are spotted, cownose stingray's noses are flat and wide.) Then we