Going to Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL? Buy yourself a waterproof camera! | Casual Travelers
You might hiccup slightly when you see the price to get into Discovery Cove – depending on the month and the day of the week you choose, it will be either over or just below $200 per person (for one day). The "swimming with the dolphin" option will set you back even more. "Is it worth it?" you might ask. Yes, I think it is, because, in addition to an "all you can eat, buffet-style, breakfast and lunch and unlimited snacks, drinks and alcoholic beverages" entry fee to Discovery Cove also includes unlimited admission to: SeaWorld®, and Aquatica, SeaWorld's Waterpark™ for 14 consecutive days around the date of your reservation. So if you also want to visit the SeaWorld and the Aquatica during your trip, the Discovery Cove entry fee allows you to visit those two other parks multiple times for up to 14 days! Not bad considering that a single entry to Aquatica is $28 for a reserved day, or $46 for any day, and single entry to SeaWorld is $80 ($65 for a weekday entry), and both parks are