Flying from JetBlue Terminal 5 at the JFK Airport in NYC | Casual Travelers
What a difference a terminal makes! A few months ago, in December 2012, we traveled to Europe from terminal 1 at the JFK Airport. At that time, our tween son hunted far and wide for an available outlet to plug his electronics in, so that he wouldn’t waste the battery. At JetBlue’s terminal 5, there are outlets galore in the section with long tables especially designed for plugging in. The terminal also has free Wi-Fi – which was very welcome by my “plugged in” family. Other than that, if you travel through terminal 5 and need to have a bite, don’t make the mistake we made and settle for one of the restaurants in the middle, just by the entrance. We ate at AeroNuova, which was all right, but seriously overpriced. I wish I knew there are actually several other places to grab a bite further away, in the gates areas, that are much cheaper. The terminal does not have a play area for kids, like some airports do, but we passed time with my young daughter examining items they have in various