RIO 100
Scaffold Hoist: Optional Attachments The 122H-462 could be directly mounted to the scaffold tube; but it is also possible to use the specialized attachments of 0.80 and 1.5 m length are also available. The 1.5 m scaffold attachment is provided with built in manual sliding trolley which enables the carriage of bulky materials. Quiet Running The working noise level of the hoist is 70 db(A) , this is equal to that of the average home noise level, making it easy to operate in any job-site condition and taking account of the workers health and safety. This feature allows the use of the hoist in multiple applications in industry and agriculture. Carrying Capacity (kg) Average Lifting Speed (mtr/min) Wire Rope Diamter (mm) Wire Rope Length (m) Maximum Working Height (m) Electric Motor Power (230V / 50Hz) (kW) Motor Speed (rpm) Machine Weight (kg) Noise Level (dB(A)) Running Current (A) Dimensions - Length / Width Height) (mm) 100 15 3 20.5 20 0.37 1400 18