DD 200 G02
Heavy-duty diamond drilling system for rig-based coring in medium and large diameters up to 500 mm [row style=boxed] [col span=1/2] Feature [divider] Air-cooled, heavy-duty drive unit with three-speed gearing and convenient controls BL quick-lock chuck system allows keyless exchange of core bits (optional) Unmatched, extremely wide range of applications The power control LED allows even inexperienced users to achieve the optimum rate of drilling progress and maximum core bit life The service indicator warns when servicing is due, reducing downtime and helping to avoid costly repairs [/col] [col span=1/2] Application [divider] Penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables Stitch drilling for breaches Coring holes for service entries Coring holes in ceilings, walls and floors without hammering and vibration Openings for ventilation [/col] [/row] [gallery columns=2 size=full link=file ids=1570,1568]