Bootylates Workout Program Subscription
Here’s what you get: Bootylates #1: Inspired by Yoga and Pilates movements, the first workout in this series combines a little bit of everything for all fitness enthusiasts. This 30-minute workout helps your booty gain all of the good and lose the bad. You will feel the strength, lift and firmness you've been searching for all of this time. Bootylates #2: After conquering Bootylates #1, your booty and your body are ready for the next level of sports and fitness. In this 45 minute workout video, there are more than 500 movements that improve your strength, flexibility, sculpt your body and help you develop the booty you've always wanted. Planking has never been so fun! Bootylates #3: In this 55-minute workout fit for any King or Queen, there are many different segments including: cardio warm-up, planking, Pilates, Yoga, and even a Ba-thigh segment. What does "Ba-thigh" mean? Booty, hips and thighs, of course! You've climbed the ranks on your fitness journey and arrived to the top achieving over 600 movements in this workout. Destress & Stretch #1: Filmed on a white sandy beach with the sounds of waves rolling to the shore, this 25-minute Yoga and Pilates inspired workout will relax and stretch your body helping leave you feeling rejuvenated. Breathe away your stress and get rid of low-back pain with these gentle sports stretches and fluid movements. De-Stress & Stretch comes complete with a pelvic-floor strengthening segment. Destress & Stretch #2: In order to improve your performance and help relax your mind, this Yoga and Pilates inspired workout was created especially for you. All fitness levels can enjoy this 30-minute workout full of sports stretching, gentle movements to improve flexibility and breathing exercises all to help relieve stress and release unnecessary tension. Complete with a pelvic-floor strengthening section this workout is guaranteed to leave the even the busiest minded person feeling balanced and peaceful.