As you all know, I don't have a daughter, crazy I know! So I love to see moms and the relationship they have with their little minis. That's how I came across Dayna & Aria on Instagram, I think they're pretty chic. So let's get into their style story... Dayna likes to dress two year old Aria, in a cute and casual aesthetic. With her being two, she's active and always on the go, so comfort is key while still being chic! She credits the Gap, Old Navy and Target as their favorite places to shop. Aria isn't quite at the age where she has developed her own sense of style, but she definitely has input in telling Mom what she thinks is "cayutee". She will also tell mom what shoes go with certain outfits! Since Dayna is the fashionista of the family, her husband leaves dressing Aria completely up to her. This stylish duo finds inspiration in anything such as: everyday people, Pinterest and bloggers. If Dayna spots something she thinks will work for Aria and herself, she incorporates