Quite Big



  • Aangepaste kleuren
  • Aangepaste afbeeldingen
  • Dag-pagina's
  • Disqus-opmerkingen
  • Hoge resolutie
  • Localisatie
  • Tags
  • Big photos
  • Big Photosets (700px) OR display photos one after the other with captions
  • Big Video
  • Custom colours
  • Changeable fonts and sizes
  • Header image upload
  • Center content option
  • Support for panorama photos
  • Support for all audio post options
  • Show / hide notes and note count
  • Show / hide tags
  • Show / hide ask and submit links
  • Adjustable caption width
  • Localization
  • Optional stretch smaller images to fit full width 
  • Optional Disqus comments

For help/ example see the Quite Big blog

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