• All post types
  • Custom colors
  • Custom images
  • Day pages
  • Disqus comments
  • Following
  • High res
  • Likes
  • Localization
  • Search
  • Tags
  • Twitter

Solaris is a bold, minimal and icon-heavy single-column Tumblr theme, with a number of configuration options and a super-affordable pricetag.

Features of Solaris include:

  • Optional custom title font (League Gothic)
  • Optionally replace blog title with header image
  • Custom accent colors per post type
  • Configurable social icons below search field
  • Group blog support
  • Google Analytics and GoSquared support
  • Disqus (setup tips)
  • Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Share buttons per post
  • Option to show most recent Twitter status
  • Tumblr audio embeds
  • Unique icon-based likes/reblogs style
  • Retina-ready for high-DPI screens

Configuration options include:

  • Configure accent colors for all post types
  • Dark mode (light text on dark background)
  • Show/hide avatar beside blog title (optionally within a circular frame)
  • Text/body font selection
  • Show/hide blog description
  • Show/hide tags on post pages and summary/index pages
  • Show/hide notes count
  • Show/hide blogs you follow
  • Show/hide posts you’ve liked on other Tumblr blogs
  • Large/small icon size on posts (or hide with custom CSS)
  • Configure social icons below search field
  • Custom copyright message
  • Configure share buttons in each post footer (supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and/or general Share)
  • And more!

View the Solaris version history. Any questions, please contact the author.

Esquire is a colorful, typography-focused, two-column Tumblr theme inspired by the editorial design of Esquire magazine.