1000 Suns


Общие сведения

  • Пользовательские цвета
  • Пользовательские изображения
  • Комментарии Disqus
  • Локализация
  • Поиск
  • Теги

Here's the rundown of the some of the cool features:

  • Customizable Colors
  • Custom Header/Background-Image
  • Disqus Comments
  • Google Analytics
  • Cover Art & Tags for Audio
  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Reblog Credits
  • Search Form
  • Pages
  • Twitter Button
  • "Ask" and "Submit" Buttons (once enabled in blog settings)
  • Mobile View

...and more to come! The theme is constantly updated, and you will automatically see changes on your site.

Most of the features listed above can be enabled and customized via the Customize page in your Tumblr blog's Settings once you've installed the theme.

Поддержка темы: me@isujay.com