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Named after Edwin Land, the creator of the Polaroid, this theme is the perfect companion for all your photos (analog & digital)


  • Support for custom backgrounds & fonts
  • Support for Disqus & infinite scroll.
  • Fully responsive.

This is the first of many themes we hope to release at sorta stupid. If you want to support us all you need to do is install our themes. We thrive on installs, the more people use our stuff the more cool stuff we want to create.

We want to keep tumblr weird and to do that we need your help.

Theme support:

Rent's Due
Rent's Due
Let's keep tumblr weird.
The best design that '86 had to offer.
It's a Me
It's a Me
Remember when your biggest problem was getting the controller away from your little brother? Relive the 90s through this classic gaming inspired theme.