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LOONA is a simple-looking theme that supports featured posts which are dynamically displayed once you specifically tag with “featured” on the blog posts. This theme is intentionally designed to mimic a CMS Dashboard UI. The highlight of this theme are the ask posts and audio posts, they have their own distinct style compared to other posts. Other than that, this theme is fully supported on mobile devices (responsive design) and you can add as many custom links as you want through Tumblr pages.

Theme support:

Nyiur is a header Tumblr theme for writing-heavy blogs. It’s clean with readable fonts. I wanted it to be a good theme for writers as typography is the most important aspect of well-designed theme.
Empati Tamako
Empati Tamako
Empati Tamako is a theme designed for photoblogs or portofolio-esque in mind! This theme has a same width and height so the photoset and photo posts will be distorted automagically.