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An elegant Tumblr theme perfectly suited for photography and big images. Florence makes the most of the Tumblr default options so if your blog is already setup most of your customisation will pull through.


Make your Tumblr blog stand out with Florence, with its modern design and bold colours you can do more with Tumblr. Simple options allow you to completely customize Florence to make it look just as you want it.


Home Cover Image

The home cover image is the first thing you visitor will see, so make it stand out. You can upload up to 5 images and Florence will fade through automatically - like a slide show.

The cover image has a colour overlay to allow you to darken or lighten the image - by default it black with an overlay of 0.4.

Double Size Post

If you're using the masonry grid tag a post with double-size and it'll feature twice the size as others.


Florence supports both Disqus and Facebook Comments. Select which comment plugin you want to use and enter either your Disqus Shortname or your Facebook App ID.

Tag Navigation

Display your most popular tags in your navigation. Enter your chosen tags under Nav tags to display with a comma separating the tags. (e.g. Photos, Text Posts, Quotes)


If you need some help, visit our support centre here

Theme support:

Spire is the original theme from Bam Themes. With its simple design and premium options, you can get your Tumblr site looking perfect.