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You can insert a customisable header image which spans the full length of your web browser or simply choose a colour. Optimal size is 1120px x 300px.

Instagram Feed

An Instagram feed is the perfect way to get to keep your audience connected to your social media. Just pop in your Instagram Access Token and Instagram User ID (i.e. 225125676 - not your username).

Custom Colours and Google Fonts

You can customise the header colour, post background colour, menu bar colour, menu font colour, menu font hover colour, slide menu colour, pagination bar colour, link colour, body font colour and more. We have also Google web fonts compatibility to customise the font of your header and body.

Social Links

Link to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dribbble, Pinterest, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Soundcloud, Vimeo, YouTube and Bandcamp feeds for your audience to stay updated. Be sure to include "https://" before each link.

Disqus Comments

A fantastic way to receive instant feedback from your viewers about your posts and engage with them. Just enter your "Disqus Shortname" and let the comments flow in.


  • Displays all post types
  • 2 column grid masonry theme
  • Slide out menu
  • Hide/show reblog and like buttons
  • Hide/show notes
  • Optional header image
  • Google Web fonts compatibility
  • Disqus comments
  • Hide/show next post and previous post
  • Customisable colours

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