macOS Sierra Theme



  • All post types
  • Custom colors
  • Custom images
  • High res
  • Localization

Theme that mimics Mac desktop!

  • Text post = TextEdit
  • Video post = Quicktime Player 
  • Photo post = JPEG in Preview
  • Photoset = PDF in Preview
  • Chat post = iChat
  • Answer post = iChat
  • Quote post = TextEdit
  • Notes = Stickies
  • Custom links = Folders
  • Pagination = Trash / Zip Files
  • Custom background
  • Custom links
  • Posts can be dragged and closed
  • Fully responsive

Theme support:

Pastel Theme
Pastel Theme
Responsive grid theme with custom color fade background.
Grid Theme
Grid Theme
Responsive grid theme with seamless connection between posts
Draggable Theme
Draggable Theme
Responsive grid theme with draggable elements.
Crayon Theme
Crayon Theme
Two column responsive grid theme with multi-colored hover effects.
Minimal Desktop Theme
Minimal Desktop Theme
It looks like a Windows desktop, but minimal.