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Hello! Thanks for checking this theme out. Its name is Fireheart and the default colour scheme was designed around Todoroki Shouto, a young hero-in-training from the anime/manga series My Hero Academia

Here's some stuff that you can expect to enjoy if you install this theme:

  • Choice of 2 post sizes - 500px or 540px
  • Navigate with pagination or infinite scrolling with optional manual load mode
  • Sticky navigation bar with ask/submit links, scroll to top button and 3 custom links
  • Option to have tumblr controls show up on hover
  • Option to show/hide captions and tags, and to make tags show up on click
  • Option to have captions and text display like the dashboard, with avatars on the blockquote
  • Optional image fade and/or semi-monochrome effects
  • Optional search bar
  • Optional updates widget
  • Optional dropdown panel with 3 additional spaces for text
  • Optional navigation widget with 6 custom links
  • Additional navigation widget for your blog's pages
  • Space for a header quote and an extra title on the sidebar

Please note these few things as well:

  • The header image has a width of 800px; the height is up to you. It will automatically resize.
  • The optional sidebar image is 170px in width; the height is up to you. It will automatically resize.
  • Credit for 540px PXU CSS goes to gukthemes and cathms (tutorial here).
  • SoundCloud script, hover tumblr controls and video resizing credits go to shythemes.
  • Thanks to Neo for helping me out with the blockquote script - it was a pleasure to work with you!
  • If there are any issues with the theme, please message me over at MagnusThemes :^)
  • If you've found this link via my Tumblr, please note that some features are unavailable (hover tumblr controls, music player, etc.) due to Tumblr's stringent requirements. I'm sorry!

Thank you for your support!!!

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