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Nyiur is a header Tumblr theme for writing-heavy blogs. It’s clean with readable fonts. I wanted it to be a good theme for writers as typography is the most important aspect of well-designed theme.

Here’s the features of this theme.

  • 10 custom links, these are divided by two section. The first section is used for your own links and the rest is used for categories (based on tagged post.)
  • A search bar is the most important for this theme! It will makes your life easier to search the keyword based on tagged post. (it will redirects to, isn’t it a miracle? I would say thank you to Kelly, she made this tutorial 4 weeks ago. 
  • For the third section, it shows a people you follow on Tumblr! But if you are using a secondary blog, just disable this option! It will shows your description instead!
  • Hmm, don’t know how to find the right header to match with the accent color? Don’t worry, my friend! Unsplash has a lot of high-resolution photos which is free to use. Monochrome image (the min-width is 1400px) is really recommended! 
  • Your description, unfortunately, should be 5 lines or it will looks weird. (I have been having a trouble positioning the description for a moment.)

Here’s some options:

  • Header Background, if the image is removed, it will show the accent color instead.
  • Customizable colors: up to 12 custom colors.
  • Colored Overlay on the Header: on/off
  • Custom Tumblr Controls: on/off
  • Selection Color: on/off
  • Show Blogroll: on/off
  • Show Tags: on/off
  • Smooth Scrolling: on/off
  • (?) Lazy Load Posts: on/off
  • Photoset Gutter: select between none to 6px
  • Blur Option: select between none to 8px
  • Body Font: Source Sans Pro, Open Sans, Roboto,  Vidaloka, Domine.
  • Header Font: Domine, Source Sans Pro, Vidaloka.

(Uh-oh! If you’re experiencing a problem with this theme, don’t hesitate to send your message at

Theme support:

Empati Tamako
Empati Tamako
Empati Tamako is a theme designed for photoblogs or portofolio-esque in mind! This theme has a same width and height so the photoset and photo posts will be distorted automagically.