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Winta is an one column Tumblr theme with a sidebar. The new point of view on the classic Tumblr blog.


Infinite Scroll

See all your posts on the one page. Forget about annoying buttons like "Next page" or "Load more".

Twitter Feed

Winta fully supports Twitter integration with your blog. You can easily set up it to display your latest tweets.

Instagram Feed

Besides your latest tweets, this premium Tumblr theme can also display your latest photos from your Instagram account.

Dribbble Feed

What is more, you can link your blog with your Dribbble account to show your latest designs to everyone, who see your blog.

Fully Responsive

Winta was designed specially to be perfectly viewable on every modern device from computers to tablets and smartphones.

Disqus Comments

Be in touch with your readers. Let your readers provide a feedback on your posts, just enable Disqus commenting system.

Google and Clicky Web Analytics

Winta supports for Google and Clicky Web Analytics. Know your readers better and increase your audience.

Custom Web Fonts

Winta supports for Google Web Fonts. That means you can choose every font you like from its enormous collection of 700+ fonts.

Social Icons

Add links to your profile on all major social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Full list: Dribbble, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Behance, Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, GitHub, Medium, Vine, VK and your E-Mail.

Social Sharing

Your readers can easily share posts they like through the most popular social networks.

Full list of features:

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Twitter Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Dribbble Feed
  • Disqus Comments
  • Google Analytics
  • Clicky Analytics
  • Fully Responsive
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Background Image
  • Custom Web Font
  • Avatar Shape (Circle or Square)
  • 5 Categories (Tags)
  • On/Off: Infinite Scroll, Search Bar
  • Social Media Links
  • Social Sharing
  • Search Bar

Theme support:

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