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Notice that some post types have a different size. This allows your visitors to already have a great experience of videos, photo sets, panoramas and photos on the homepage. 

  • Choose to display the images of a photo set in a grid of two columns or in one column

No need for your visitors to scroll through all the notes to find who first posted a post… 

  • When you reblog a post, a summary of the sources (reblogged from “blog” + originally from “blog”) will be automatically displayed on the permalink page
  • “reblogged” button on the homepage will also indicate to them that the post was reblogged

This is our way - and yours, by using this theme - to help credit the bloggers and creators on Tumblr

So easy for your visitors to show you some love, support, and get content for them to reblog. They can:

  • Like and reblog a post from the homepage
  • Search similar posts by clicking on the tag(s) that you added for each post (from the homepage and permalink page)
  • Keep browsing through your blog via the # (tag) search bar in the footer and the navigation (Prev | Next | Random | Archive) on the permalink page


Getting started with Preset is so easy!

Install > Edit appearance > Edit theme:

  1. Add title
  2. Show/hide title (will be displayed, or not, at the top of the index page)
  3. Change title font
  4. Show/hide copyright (will be displayed, or not, at the bottom of the page)
  5. Show/hide photo set as grid (if “show”, “hide photo set as one column” below)
  6. Show/hide photo set as one column (if “show”, “hide photo set as grid” above)
  7. Add your Disqus shortname in the required field, if you want comments powered by Disqus, on the permalink page
  8. Add your Google analytics ID in the required field, if you want to track traffic of your blog

And, Save!


Your theme is set… what’s next?

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Please visit our FAQs page ( Email us if needed. Please do not use the “Ask me anything” feature on this site. This blog is only a preview blog so you can see how the theme looks and works, but it won’t be updated with new posts. Thank you!


  • Disqus comments
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  • All post types
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