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Sugar is a Tumblr theme using a Variable Grid Layout. Your collection will be beautifully displayed on any device. It works just like your own Look Book!

Theme features

Supports all post types

Sugar supports all six Tumblr post types. Caters to any genre of blog!  

Color scheme

Sugar’s color palette is just beautiful. Elements of the color scheme for text, background and accents can be adapted to your favorite color anytime!  

Custom font

In addition to custom Tumblr fonts, Google Web Fonts can also be hosted on Sugar!

Variable Grid Layout

Smartphones, tablets, and Mac/PC with large screens… Sugar works perfectly on any devices.


A maximum of three images can be added to a slide show in Sugar. Of course having a single image is perfectly OK! Photos of your trip, food and loving pets…add your favorite images anyway you like.

Profile card

Just place the cursor in the upper left corner of the menu icon, you will see the profile card pops up. On the profile, not only avatars and biography, but also Twitter, Instagram and Dribble feeds can be presented.

Over 120 theme options

There are plenty of theme options available to customize the theme appearance. Editing the appearance is intuitive and self-explanatory. Please check all of the options here.

Accent photo post

An original image mosaic layout design can be created by adding a tag "cover" to an image post.  

Pagination format

Pagination format can be selected from Load more, Infinite scroll and Standard menu.

Date format

Date format comes in four formats: Relative date format, UK format, American format and Japanese format.

Google Analytics

Access analysis provided by Google can be easily in cooperated.

Disqus comments

Comment forms provided by Disqus can be easily incorporated.

Tag links

Tag links can be added up to a total of 8 links. These tag links appear in the profile card navigation menu.

Social links

You can add links from any social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, Dribbble, Behance and SoundCloud, not to mention Website links. These links appear in the profile card navigation menu.

Social sharing

Blog posts can be shared to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (for image posts only) and Google+.

Browser support

Latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Theme support:

Wallstocker( ウォールストッカー )は、シンプルでクリーンなポートフォリオ向けtumblrテーマです。レスポンシブWebデザインによるモバイル・タブレット対応などの基本的なユーザビリティをサポートし、ブログタイトルをロゴ画像に変更したり、メニューリストのデザインを選べたりなど、様々なニーズに応える拡張機能を充実させました。