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Tumblr is a great platform for artists, but there is still a dearth of choices when it comes to webcomic themes. This is a responsive minimalist theme that keeps the focus on your content, be it comic, drawing, photography, or writing. 

Want to use it as something other than a webcomic page? Simply turn off the comic pagination!

Some features include: 

  • Fully responsive: looks good when viewed any device (resize the window to check it out!) Don’t forget to switch off the default Tumblr mobile theme to use this feature.
  • Dropdown navigation button
  • Loading animation
  • Options: pop-up ask, hide captions and tags on index page, container size
  • Optional header image, and optional size (will not show up in non-index pages, day pages, tag pages and search pages).
  • Share button on each post
  • Beautiful typography for a comfortable and pleasant reading experience

Please read the documentation for more options and guide!

This theme is free for you to use and customise, as long as you do not remove the credits, pass it of as your own, or use it as a base code.

STATIC PREVIEW: Normal | Normal (permalink) | Comic 

LIVE PREVIEW: Normal | Comic

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