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Moth is a minimal single-column theme dedicated for those who prefer simplicity over special effects.

Content is presented in elegant way and by adding pinch of your favourite color you can bring entire theme to life and give it a unique feel.

Beside that you can pick from over 600 free Google fonts to customise it even more.

Moth supports all major social platforms and you can be sure that it will present your content in best possible way on wide range of devices: from desktop to mobile.

Simple as it gets it enables you to share all kind of posts: from text posts, through single images, galleries, finishing on video. Because we all need various ways to express ourselves, don't we?

We could spend hours talking about Moth, but you probably already know that best way to learn is to explore. Go ahead. It is all for free.

If you notice anything that can be improved, or if you simply would like to say “Hi’ please drop a line at:

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