• All post types
  • Custom colors
  • Custom images
  • Day pages
  • Disqus comments
  • High res
  • Likes
  • Localization
  • Search
  • Tags


  • Customization options include colors, fonts, and other styles
  • Responsive two column design with full-width posts on permalink pages
  • Feature full-width posts on the homepage by tagging the post with "xl"
  • Infinite scrolling (click button to load more posts)
  • Social networking links
  • Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and like widgets
  • Custom lists with bullet options
  • Custom text options on your ask and submit pages
  • Integrates colors and avatar styles from mobile theme options


  • You must allow Instagram to display your photos by getting an access token. Click here to get your access token.
  • The like widget will only display on primary blogs.
  • Uploading a custom header icon will override the option to show or hide your avatar.
  • The accent color from your mobile theme options is used for links and hovers. The color used in the demo blog and screenshots is #2A5DB0.
  • The background color is also from your mobile theme options. The color used in the demo blog and screenshots is #EBEBEB.
  • Custom text on your ask page cannot include HTML. Use \' instead of regular apostrophes.

If you have any other questions, please check out my FAQ. If your answer is not listed there, feel free to contact me using the email below or sending a Tumblr message to me on my contact page.

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