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'gonzolicious' is a personal blog Theme with a responsive layout and tons of powerful features, it’s a great premium theme for all kinds of blogs. Clean, minimal and (almost) fully customizable.

gonzolicious is designed to display all of Tumblr’s post types. No matter what type of content you want to publish on your blog, the theme will display it beautifully.

Fully Responsive + Retina-ready

gonzolicious’ layout fully adapts to fill your whole screen with posts - from the smallest mobile or tablet to the largest cinema display, .. resize your browser and see for yourself! This theme allows you to upload big(ger) images to show off to your friends, but please consider image compression! There are lots of free online image optimization tools on the interwebz!


While gonzolicious is designed to be great out of the box, there is plenty for you to customize. Options include typographic details, enabling or disabling sharing buttons, and much more.

Custom Options

gonzolicious’ Header Image, Avatar Image and Description are all fully customizable via the Customization Panel. This way you can give your new blog a personal touch!


If the default colors don’t take your fancy, .. don’t worry, I have you covered. There are an array of customisable color options including header background, color of the navigation bar, text color, link color and much more. Some colors are ‘fixed’, like the footer section to always ensure a good contrast and a neutral look to convey your message the best possible way.

Show your Social Profiles

Included are some great social media icons so you can link to your favourite profiles. Icons include: Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimeo, Behance, GitHub, YouTube and more.

Social Media Sharing

gonzolicious has Tumblr’s like and re-blog functions enabled and also features a neat social sharing widget in the footer of each post - allow your visitors to quickly and easily share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest and Email. You can even turn each network on or off, or select to show your latest Tweet and a ‘follow’ button.

Iconlicious, a sexy Icon Font

I have baked a gorgeous icon font for this Theme, an icon font you can also include in your post and/or pages. Icon fonts are like normal fonts, they are scalable on Retina and you can style them in CSS .. and guess what, you can choose your own ‘link’ color and ‘hover’ color .. saweeeeet!

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Custom Web Fonts

Tumblr provides a set of web-safe fonts that users can select from. But for advanced users, I’ve built in support for embedding web fonts from services like TypeKit, and Google Fonts (with over 600 fonts to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice). You can paste in your embed code and name your fonts for the main type elements.

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In the Customization Panel you can set your Breakpoint (px/em) for the Mobile Navigation based on the amount of navigation menu items, so the layout of the main navigation menu will not break!

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On the indexpages of the Blog Theme you’ll find a jump navigation to quickly jump to page links in your Tumblr theme. Once your visitors are on an individual post page, they can use simple previous/next post buttons to keep browsing through your posts without going back to the home page.

Disqus comments

If you want to enable comments on your blog, just sign up for an account with Disqus, and once you’re all set up just paste your Disqus Shortname into the theme options.

Show ‘Who You Follow’ and ‘Stuff You Like’

You can turn off/on 2 extra modules in the sidebar of this theme, the ‘Who I Follow’ section and the ‘Stuff I Like’ section. The amount of items showcased in the ‘Stuff I Like’ section is narrowed down to 2 items.

Google Analytics

Support for Google Analytics tracking is built in and ready to go. Just create a new property for your blog in your Google Analytics account, and then paste the Property ID into the theme options.

Some Extra Stuff

You can add some extra styled HTML elements as well into your posts and pages, I have styled some elements you can use to spice up the typography of your theme, but also a neat ‘linkbutton’!

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