• All post types
  • Custom colors
  • Custom images
  • High res
  • Localization
  • Search
  • Tags

Nour is a responsive theme without any frippery. Build with great love for the simple things. Lets you focus on the content. Easily customizable.

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  • All Post Types Are Supported
    Text, photo, photo set, panorama, quote, link, chat, audio and video.

  • Infinite Scrolling / Pagination
    Choose between Infinite Scrolling, manually loading more posts or the traditional prev/next pagination.
  • Custom Colors
    Background, title, headlines, text and links.

  • Change Fonts
    Currently supported: Helvetica Neue, Alegreya, Anonymous Pro, Arvo, Poppins and Rubik.
  • Links
    Links to RSS, archive, likes page and custom pages appear right under the description or search bar. They are optional.

  • Photo Popup
    Click on a photo to watch the high resolution version of a photo distraction-free on a black background.

  • Search Bar
    Lets you search for tags and text.

  • Show Tags
    Tags can also be shown only on permalink pages to save space.

  • Small Notes
    Use a smaller font size for post notes. 

  • Add Credits
    Credits appear on the bottom of the page. Can be text only or a link to a URL.

  • Show note count
    Choose if you want the note count on Index Pages too.

  • Insert Code easily
    Easily insert code into the head or body of the HTML and still get updates.

  • Responsive
    The theme is optimized for every device from small mobile touch devices to desktop computers and the bigger screens as well.

  • Localization
    Run your blog in your preferred language. Almost everything gets translated automatically. The remaining texts can be easily changed by hand.

Tested on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and in their major browsers. If something isn’t working as intended feel free to get in contact.

To make sure your blog has the same look on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones deactivate “Use default mobile theme”. It can be found in the advanced section of your theme settings.   

If you got any question about the theme don’t hesitate to get in contact. (Please change “spam” to “support”)

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