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Spire is the original theme from bam themes; it’s responsive and has a whole host of options and features. Spire makes the most of the Tumblr default options so if your blog is already setup all you need to do is install this theme and you’re done!


  • Robust, clean and modern that works for any type of blog.
  • Simple, straight up layout, what more do you need?
  • Customise the background, images colours, fonts you name spire has it.


Header Image

The header image is a slice of you, so make it fancy. The header image appears behind the title, at the top off the homepage – if you don’t like it you can hide the header. Also you can set an opacity to make it look even nicer – if you don’t want header opacity simple set “header overlay opacity” to 0.


The people of Tumblr love avatar’s, with spire you can have it round or square or, if you don’t like avatars you can turn it off and it won’t show.

Blog title

Do you want a big title, a small title, a colourful title or no title at all? You can do it all with spire, the options you need are “Title Color”, “Title Font”, “Show Title” or “Header Title Size”.

Background and accent colors

You can have an image background or a solid color background. To set an image background upload an image to the option “background” and uncheck “Background Solid Color”

The accent color is your blogs secondary color, this will style the links, and certain over elements have a play around with it, it’s to you!

Disqus shortname and Google Analytics

The codes all there just pop in your disqus shortname or you Google analytics Id and it will work fine. If you don’t require them simple leave the field blank.

Theme support:

An elegant Tumblr theme perfectly suited for photography and big images.