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Simple Webcomic Theme is a responsive theme that has been designed to make starting a webcomic quick, easy and free. The SWC Theme provides a clean, highly customizable blog layout with extra care given to typography and usability.

The example shows images from JL8 is written and drawn by Yale Stewart.

Who is using it?

Jake Parker - Skull Chaser
Jerzy Drozd - Boulder and Fleet

...among many others!


  • Turn your Tumblr blog into a webcomic in just a few clicks.
  • Fully customize your content's width, choosing from two layouts.
  • Select from a wide range of header styles, with the option to change your header’s height and upload a logo image.
  • Easily add custom pages, links to your social media pages, and setup site-tracking and a commenting system.


Webcomic Options

The SWC Theme allows you to upload your own images for the "First", "Last", "Next", "Previous", “Random” links. Every post includes easy share options. You can also navigate to the next page by clicking on the post image.

Responsive Layout

The SWC Theme resizes gracefully regardless of the device it's viewed on. The layout will adapt to any browser size and look great on tablets and mobiles.

Social Media Links

Link to 21 social media sites, and your personal website by simply inputting your username or URL.

Note: For "Google Plus Username" to work you require a Google+ Custom URL - Getting Started with Google+ Custom URLs.


The SWC Theme supports Disqus commenting systems. Simply paste your Disqus Shortname in the appropriate field.


The SWC Theme comes with built-in support for Google Analytics as well as Clicky tracking. Simply paste your ID in the appropriate field.

Custom Pages

The SWC Theme supports additional pages. Simply create a new custom page in the customization panel, and a link will be displayed in your header's navigation.

Group Blog

Want to start a group blog? No problem, the SWC Theme supports post authors as well as displaying all the group members in the aside.

Be aware that your Twitter feed, blogs you follow and post you like will not show up on group blogs.


Converting your Tumblr blog to a webcomic can be achieved in just two simple steps:

  1. In the customization panel, you will need to turn on “Comic Pagination”.
  2. Go to Advanced options and set post per page to 1.

Note: You have to include the post URL of your first comic page in the theme field "First comic page URL" in order for the "First" button to appear. This ensures the comic pagination works correctly.


  • To make your post image link to the next page, turn on "Clickable images".
  • To include a random page link, turn on "Random button".

A full breakdown of the options can be found here: SWC Theme Options
AQs can be found here and here

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